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Regional Partnership for Sustainable Integrated Municipal Waste Management in Municipalities of South Central Region (2004-2005)



Regional Partnership for Sustainable Integrated Waste Management in Municipalities of South Central Region, Bulgaria

The project is financed by the European Union PHARE Program, BG 0204.02, Civil Society Development.


Enhance the role of civil society in municipalities of South Central Region in Bulgaria in applying European Community environmental law in the field of waste by:

Building sustainable management and technical capacity

Establishing lasting partnerships among the non-government, not-for-profit sector, local authorities and the business sector

Raising awareness of the civil society about European Community acquits

Building a wide network of partners to introduce effective decisions, new approaches and good practices in waste management in the EU.



Partnership in Waste Management


Waste management is apparently the most rapidly evolving area in environmental management as a result of the ongoing increase in the amounts of waste produced and the consequential impact on non-renewable resources and the environment.


The recognition of these issues has resulted in waste management being identified as a significant area of concern within the European Union. This has led to the adoption of a range of policy and legislative measures at a European and national levels, which are set to transform waste management practices radically in the coming years.


The overall objective of these measures is to reduce the reliance on landfill as the primary means of managing wastes, and to promote reduction at source, recycling and recovery.


This is illustrated in the Waste Management hierarchy.





















Fundamental to achieving these policy objectives are recognition and acceptance by all sections of society, as producers of waste, of their responsibility to support and adopt more sustainable waste management practices, both at home and at work. The perception of waste as an unwanted but necessary by-product will need to change, with recognition of its potential as a resource.

This will take time but will be driven by a range of measures by the EU.



On 27.05.2005 the first workshop on Regional Partnership for Sustainable Integrated Waste Management in Municipalities of South Central Region of Bulgaria was held. The venue was the city of Plovdiv at the MARITZA hotel. Participants in the workshop were representatives of the local government, companies, non-government organizations, and local media from 24 municipalities in South Central Bulgaria.

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The second workshop organized by the ETP Foundation and HEBAR Association was held on October 28, 2005 in Plovdiv.

The topics of the workshop were:

¨ Strategic planning approaches in waste management by applying the partnership principle

¨ Discussions on the current municipal waste management programs in municipalities of south-central region and the needs for their upgrading in compliance with the current Bulgarian legislation.

¨ Pilot program for public participation in the decision-making process in waste management


Each participant received a folder with workshop materials including lists of current Bulgarian and EU acts and regulations on Waste management.


A very useful discussion was held on the current municipal waste management programs; public participation and identifying future projects from the municipal waste management programs.