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GREEN BELTProtection and Valorisation of the Longest Habitat System in Europe.




On November 29, 2006 ETP Foundation-Sustainable Development Projects was awarded a grant under the INTERREG IIIB (CADSES) National Program for the following project:




A total of 17 partners from 8 countries Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Croatia participate in the project.



Along the former Iron Curtain the longest habitat system in Europe has been preserved due to decades of inaccessibility. GREEN BELT mainly aims at the long-term protection of this unique natural heritage, thus contributing to the implementation of the NATURA 2000 and EU spatial policies such as ESDP.


By transforming the former death belt" into a green life line, the project aims at fostering the communication between the people once separated and raise the awareness that nature protection can be compatible with sustainable regional development: Borders separate, nature unites.


Mid-term project meeting of the partner organizations in Kasperske Hory, the Czech Republic (10-13 October 2007)


Arda village4 km away from the border with Greece


White horses


The Wonderful Bridgesthe Rhodopes